Unbelievable. That’s what I’m saying to myself at the moment. I never had a reason to start a blog, but really, this isn’t a blog. It’s more of a …. log. It’s just a place for me to keep a running journal about my gardening efforts that I can look back on in the months to come.

I’ve started gardening as an official “hobby” – mostly because the property of our “new” house requires I do so! But also because, it’s somewhat enjoyable to see hard work put into something with fairly beautiful results.

Thus it begins. My first-ever blog entry. I make no promises of how frequent I will post, when I will make this blog more public, or how long before I decide it just is too much to add to my daily schedule. We’ll see; consider this the “beta” version of Garden Gal’s blog.

I’ll leave “you”, whomever you may be, with a photo from my garden.

Profusion Cherry Zinnia