When we moved into this home, it was just before Thanksgiving & I was not interested in the least at the different varieties of plants & trees that surrounded the property. Once we got settled & I began looking around the place, I was somewhat dismayed at how truly ugly most of the landscaping had become. It was in desperate need of pruning or replacing, & most of it was difficult to even determine what exactly it was.

Close to the front of the house sat this decrepit little tree, stakes all around, somehow surviving without much water (since we weren’t taking any measures to water it ourselves).

This photo was taken in Spring, so the leaves are much greener than they were, but still, pretty much nothing to look at. I had no idea what kind of tree it was.

Apparently, it’s a Crapemyrtle (Lagerstroemia indica). And 2 weeks ago, it bloomed…this is what it looks like today:

And do you see that lovely blue sky? That’s a first for us in over a week – yay!

So, as with people, I have been reminded to pause, observe, & to wait patiently if I’m to see the true potential of what (or who) I’m looking at.