…at least when you don’t have automatic sprinklers yet. Hubbs, bubbs & I enjoy visiting family & friends, which at times takes us away from our home. Thankfully we have found some next door neighbors who don’t mind coming by every morning to water my garden while we’re away.

When we were away this last time, hubbs & I were able to spend a few hours in the darling little community of Solvang. I thought for sure I would be able to pick up something in way of a thank-you gift for our neighbors, but nothing really jumped out at me. Before we left, I had made some of Leigh Ann’s Best Big, Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies & brought that over as a “bribe” to ask for their help while we were away. That helped, I think, since those cookies are delicious!

When we got back, I was quite ill with a serious sinus infection that then leaked into my ear, causing my still-affected ear infection. Which meant I couldn’t just immediately saunter over next door & give my thanks. This morning, a beautiful Sunday morning, there was my largest bounty in the garden yet. The Ambrosia cantaloupe is the only item that wasn’t ripe when I cracked it open – those will have to wait a bit longer. But the basil was ready, there were a few ripened tomatoes on the vine, & of course, plenty of cucumber.

So, this became my thank-you gift.

I personally love being able to hand water the garden, so I’m not sure that by next spring I’ll choose to install irrigation, especially since it’s nice having neighbors who are willing to help in maintaining my hobby. It’s also a nice way to keep us connected.