I’ve just learned that “woe” can actually mean “curse” – so, there you have my title explanation!

I’ve been busy. Or rather, I’ve been unable to sit at my computer for any real length of time except to pour over the list of blogs I currently read & try to combat the email monster that is always lurking, waiting to unleash it’s madness at a moment’s notice…

But truthfully, I have been busy & it’s not necessarily been with fun stuff like gazing at the beauty of my garden, observing the varieties of plants & flowers that I’ve so wisely chosen, or being amazed at how much money I’m saving from starting a vegetable garden.

Rather, I’ve been busy with all the darn weeds that seem to grow in a millisecond & take root ALL OVER the place!!! I know, I know. Weeds are par for the course, m’dear. And truth be told, there are days I actually look forward to weeding – call me crazy? These days don’t exist very often, but they look something like this:

  • a cool, 70 degrees, with a slight breeze – of course;
  • a child who is either a) frolicking & playing contentedly by himself, never vying for my attention every 28 seconds or b) he’s blissfully decided that today is the day he needs 3 hours of sleep during the day to catch up for the fact that it took him 2 hours to fall asleep the night before;
  • the weeds I “get” to conquer are in soft, lush soil & take nary a second to eradicate

Now, there really have been days like this in the last 6 months or so. BUT, that’s not what the last few weeks have been like. Rather, they look something like this:

  • 90+ degrees in full sun by the time I get a chance to get my tush to the the task;
  • a child who insists on “helping” me at every waking moment because, heck, who needs a nap???
  • the weeds are in all the rocky, tough soil or in the lovely white “old person” rocks that still remain from the previous owners; I can’t stand the look of the things, but that’s a whole different monster to conquer later – one in which I hope we have a lot of help to remove!! Trying to weed on rocks is just like it sounds – miserable!!

Part of why I don’t mind weeding is the same reason I don’t mind vacuuming or dusting: it’s immediate satisfaction. Clean, clear, far better looking than just minutes before you touched it. But my goodness, the weeds around here are a breed on their own – one in which I have never seen or experienced. At times I feel like we live in the Amazon only it hasn’t rained since January here (have mercy), so I have no idea how these things multiply the way they do!

Here are 2 types of weeds that I hate the most:

The first 2 pictures show weeds that are like a guitar string stuck in the ground that just gets taller & fuller by the day. When you try to pull it, you realize you basically have to lift off a good 2 inches of soil in the process because it’s grown into a “mat” of sorts, all connecting to all the other “strings” it’s attached to. And it grows amidst all of my plants, so I either pull up part of my plants in the process, or just clip it at the base, knowing it’s going to grow right back next week.

The other weed is sprawling & it sprawls right out onto sidewalks & of course right into the path of other plants. And if you don’t catch it soon enough, it thickens up to where it looks like huge membranes or something like a purple rope that now resides in the ground. It’s creepy (literally) & disgusting to look at.

I’ve got a few more posts mulling around in my head & there is another “grrr” post in there, so I’ll wait on that one a bit & try for a cheerier, nicer post next.

If you happen to know the name of either of the weeds pictured, I’d love to know it! The more knowledge I can glean about these nasty things, the better!