Now, back to weeds. Yes, I know. I can’t stop talking about them because THEY WON’T STOP GROWING. But rather than sounding “complain-ish”, I’ve got a few more thoughts that have been knocking around my noggin for weeks now.

Believe you me, I am no theologian. Not in the least. And though I’ve read the passage countless times, it really has struck me differently since weeding on a regular basis for a few months now. You know the one, when Jesus tells a parable about a farmer who sows seed; some falls on rocky places without much soil, other seed falls upon thorns, while other still falls upon good soil.
(It’s in Matthew 13, in case you were curious).

So here I am, pluckin’ weeds, sweat dripping profusely down my face, back aching, knees cracking & the thoughts begin to brew. Sin. I am reminded countless times now of sin as I weed. I know this parable has been analyzed, discussed, plucked over far deeper than I’m going here on this tiny little piece of real estate called my blog; I have no ambitions here except to pour out a few thoughts, a few of my own experiences with this parable as I incorporate it into my daily life.

Weeds will always be among us. The same soil that continues to grow good things that we all love to enjoy will also grow bad things – like weeds & asparagus plants (saving that one for a later post…).  There will never be a time that you can sow seed & only see good seed sprout – never.

But the differences come in the varying responses to weeds. Among many, there are some who may or may not SEE the weeds, & if they do happen to see them the mentality is “It’s green, it’s gettin’ mowed” – they have no desire to spend hours & hours trying to pull the weeds & “purify” the good plants that are there. There are some that can live with a certain type of weed but other weeds, ones that may affect their favorite plants or areas of the yard, make some effort at removing them; but they quickly tire at the thought of trying to do away with all of them. Lastly, there are others who, at the first glimmer of a weed, are ON IT. The proper tools are brandished, the Round Up is ready & waiting & a fortnight doesn’t pass without that weed knowing who’s boss of that particular real estate!

As you can see by this example, I was not ON IT. I saw it before I left for a weekend vacation & thought, “It’ll be there when I get back; I’ll take care of it then.” Easier said than done…more on that in the next post.