Since it’s the final day in the month of September, I thought it fitting to actually POST something in the month of September! As you can read, I am technically not a “blogger” just yet; I’m learning it takes diligence, foresight, TIME, and creativity to keep your readers peaked, wanting for more, interested even in coming back to your blog!

I have my fair share of reasons as to why this month seems to have vanished like a puff of smoke in the wind, but why bore you with trivial things like morning / afternoon / evening sickness, exhaustion, distraction (in a good way) at the thought that a new little one will be presenting it’s face to our family sometime in the Spring? (Is that sentence too long??) I have a feeling this will not be the only time I use the new baby as a reason for my lack of posts!

Now, on to theology. To be honest, I truly do not remember what exactly was my great & deep insight about weeds from my last post…too much time has passed & hubbs finally sprayed some weed killer that took care of many of my pesky friends! But, as I glance through the previous post, I do remember the giant weed that I took a picture of – that particular weed was growing in a very thorny rose bush – smack dab right in the middle.

That particular weed is not difficult to pull. It has a very thick stalk & thankfully it does not burrow deep in the  ground, spreading its weediness everywhere! But because it was rooted right in the middle of the rose bush, it made plucking a little more interesting. I had to prepare differently than usual; thick gloves that could withstand the thorns, uncomfortable position to grasp the base, etc. Even though it came up fairly easily, it was still more of a challenge just because of how it presented itself.

And such is sin. I know I’m not the only one in the room who is aware of a particular sin that, at first glance seems daunting, uncomfortable, “prickly” to deal with. All sin is ugly to look directly at. But there have been times in my life that I breathed a significant sigh of relief after dealing with a sin & then immediately knowing God’s tender mercy & grace afterward. Because of a thing called “consequences” it can sometimes be difficult to feel that mercy & grace so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe all sin has consequences. But many times I feel I did not get what I “deserved”, which leads me to wish I had dealt with the sin MUCH sooner.

Maybe I’m not making sense, not sure! I just know that when I look at that rose bush I am reminded that even though we have to approach sin differently – put on our gloves, come at it from a different angle, etc. that we shouldn’t avoid dealing with it because of what we don’t know is on the other side. By doing so, we miss out on the opportunity to experience God’s mercy, God’s grace, God’s provision of bringing us back to a place of purity, a place of wholeness.

Finally, I have an update on the post that I asked about a type of weed: the “guitar string” weed is apparently not a “weed”. Though I still don’t have an offical name for it yet, I’ve had 2 different gals tell me it’s more of a ground cover than a weed & that they love it! I still don’t like it, but I’m not nearly on the mission to rid my garden of it these days.