If you know anything about hubbs & I, “gadgets” really aren’t our thing. Yes, we own a few – the usual suspects like a digital cameras, cell phones & obviously, a computer. We own a somewhat “nice” printer – an HP of some sort that faxes, scans, copies, etc. – but the only reason we own it is because I won it at an office Christmas party years ago. There’s no way we probably would have just gone out & bought a printer that did more than, well, print.

It’s not that we don’t LIKE gadgets – certainly there are plenty of things on the market that peak our fancies. But I truly think that even if we had the cash to spend on “fluff” like that, it probably wouldn’t happen unless we needed to replace a gadget we already had.

Thus, the point of my post is that another giveaway is being held. And I’m not one to shy away from RECEIVING a gadget, unless of course it’s something I know I wouldn’t use much, like a PDA or something. (And that took me about 3 minutes to think of – I couldn’t even THINK of a gadget other than the ones we already have!!)

Enter the Epson Artisan 800 printer. I’m a sucker when it comes to anything to do with photos. Not that I see myself printing every single photo I want from a photo printer, but there are plenty of times when it comes in handy. The HP we have does have this capability, but it’s rather paltry in my opinion, so “hand made” definitely looks just that when you’re printing from this puppy.

It’s not that we “need” another printer & probably won’t for some time. But I’m interested to know if this one prints higher quality photos. I’d also like to know if replacing the ink cartridges is any cheaper than the HP. I honestly can’t believe how expensive ink is!! There are 6 separate cartridges, so my guess is you’d have to have an ink “fund” to finance it annually. Hmmm….

Either way, Simple Mom is hosting a giveaway so check it out!