Progress. That’s become my “motto” in this new journey to “potty-hood” with Bubbs. Every.Single.Day has been frustrating, for one reason or another. Some days have been so bad that I’ve screamed (in my head, of course) “I QUIT!!” But then an encouraging email or phone call from a friend will come through & I’m straightened back out, ready to stay on course & see this thing through, for both of us!

Part of what makes this process so frustrating, honestly, is the very real reality that other children just get it on Day 1 or Day 3, with little to no effort from their mothers. Granted, they are all GIRLS who have a quicker grasp, which is completely the norm. But it still is BEYOND me how a child the same age as Bubbs (2.5 yrs) can walk up to their mother & say “I don’t want to wear diapers anymore. I want big-girl underpants.” And that’s the bulk of the potty training. I personally know 1 friend who experienced that with BOTH of her daughters!

The other mom’s typically go through 3 days or less of constant monitoring, timers, lots of trips to the potty & VOILA – they make it to the potty most of the time.

We are beginning Day 6. At the end of each day, Hubbs & I try to come up with at least 1 positive that shows Progress in this journey. Last night was the first time Bubbs asked to go to the Potty! Wish granted, my son! Still not a drop of moisture in that little pot, but again, Progress. This morning, after his usual milk & toast, again, he asked to go to the Potty. Sat through 3 or 4 books – no pee pee. But there was lots of high fives & “yays!” that he remembered to ask to go potty.

My hopes have been slightly lifted that the week’s training has actually started to change his views on how this whole thing is supposed to work. And if I’m hopeful, then I trust he will stay hopeful as well & that discouragement will not be the norm for the day.