That’s mostly how I feel these days; that my actions, my words, my thoughts, my feelings…it’s all circular & keeps coming back to the same place of confusion & utter tiredness.

Obviously many changes have taken place since my last post well over 6 months ago. My littlest man was born & life once again took a new direction. Thankfully all is well with him, though he doesn’t like sleep much. Therefore the rest of the family isn’t getting much sleep either.

But as hubbs & I learned from our first child, this too shall pass. It may be this week or a year from now, but eventually, he will sleep. And life will once again take a new direction.

So with these spinning wheels going ’round in my head, I give myself grace, knowing that sleep deprivation is a part of my world right now.

Last word for the evening: I’m no longer gardening in any sense of the word so it really didn’t make sense to keep the “Garden Gal” title to the blog. That’s not to say that gardening won’t eventually be a part of my life again; it’s just not possible right now for various reasons. “In the Land of Wood” is much more broad & allows for me to include many other subjects.

OK – THIS is the last word: IT’S FINALLY RAINING…Good night!