Those were the exact words out of my preschooler’s mouth yesterday. And I thought, “How ironic…that’s exactly what I feel needs to happen sometimes – just blow it all up and start from scratch, God.”

But let me put it into context for you.

Earlier this year I purchased a plastic, inflatable world globe for my boy, thinking it would be used countless times over the year as a teaching tool of one sort or another. I envisioned us looking at the various countries and continents, me asking him which place he wanted to learn about next and then the two of us would venture over to the library, or the Internet (let’s be realistic), and discover new facts about that particular place.

Let’s just say, I should have had far less expectation on said purchase or I should have invested a LOT more than $5 and bought a super-huge, indestructible, free-standing globe that spins flawlessly and has cool things on it like bumpy mountains and glowing stars….

But since I didn’t do those things, I’m now left with a partially inflated piece of plastic earth that gets kicked around and sat on as the days and weeks go by. Any and all effort to convince my boy that we should actually LOOK at the thing gets squashed in seconds.

So when he came to me for the umpteenth time the other day, asking me to blow it up, I refused. “Never again” I believe were the words that flew out of my mouth and I was dead serious. That thing was going to the garbage the next time he went to bed, as far as I was concerned.

So last night, as Bubbs and Hubbs were getting ready to go on their nightly walk, Bubbs said “We can’t blow up the world” to Hubbs. And my first thought was Haiti and the tragedy they are experiencing in the same world that I’m living in; under the same sky that I can casually look at from my cozy, safe, clean home.

And I wished, for a second, that God would just end us all right then and there, and blow up the world. Blow it up to end all suffering and tragedies. Blow it up to remind everyone that He is God and we are not and His wrath is real.

However, and thankfully, so is His love. His love causes Him to wait. Patiently. Wait for us to seek Him. Wait for us to find Him. Wait for us to worship Him.

I’m thankful that He is a patient, just, AND loving God.