The past few days have been emotionally CRAZY for me, for a very specific reason that I won’t get into here. Because I’ve been so distracted I just haven’t had the desire to post much of anything, let alone something that could be considered thought-provoking or insightful. But then I read Jane’s latest post and decided, “Voila! Now there’s something I can do!”

So without further ado, here are a few of my latest “status updates”:


misses her dear friends in Vegas very much

wonders why she doesn’t lay down when she has the chance to (usually when Wee Bubbs is napping)

is actually glad to see sunshine today – it’s been quite wet and gloomy for days now; not the norm for our part of the world

is excited but sad that Wee Bubbs has started to officially “babble”; I can’t wait to hear those first words but it also means he’s that much further away from being a baby 😦

wishes she had been more insistent to keep the TV off around Bubbs; I actually would have preferred to not have a TV at all but that was a lost battle from the beginning!

continues to be awed at how many answers to prayer I have witnessed over the last year

still chuckles when I think of Bubbs comment the other day, “Your  potty is AMAZING!” yep – those were his exact words… 🙂

has noticed that the boys have taken their playing up to a new level; I’m actually giving them extra play time before naps & bedtime because that’s what they are doing TOGETHER – playing!! I would never have believed that a 3.5 yr old could PLAY with an 8-mth old…and a cat (sometimes). It is such a joy to watch!

has decided she needs to set a schedule for when to be on the computer…and more importantly when NOT to be on the computer

really hopes Bubbs’ fascination with dinosaurs doesn’t fade away with age

is dreading having to create the family meal plan for February

continues to pray for a good night’s sleep

is excited about all the delicious travel plans for 2010