Have you ever been in a custom home that has a walk-in shower? You know, the kind that doesn’t have doors, there’s usually more than 1 shower head in there; beautifully decorated tiles, spacious, open?

Yeah, I would never want one of those showers in my home. Custom or not. I have developed a somewhat “love” for my shower, regardless of the home I’ve lived in, over the years. I’ve said it out loud many times, especially since becoming a mother, that I have no idea how human beings lived for thousands of years, in much harsher conditions than I live in, without access to a shower. I consider it one of the best inventions EVER and I am so grateful that I live in a time and culture that allows me access to one nearly every day!

I have lived in many different apartments and homes, which of course had different showers. There’s the shower/tub combo with a curtain and one with a sliding door (those are the absolute worst things to keep clean – shower doors!); there’s the shower with clear glass and everyone can see you…from ALL sides….

The house we’re living in now has by far the best shower I’ve ever lived with. I love it. It has 3 tile walls and the 4th wall is partial wall and a door that is hammered or what is referred to as “rain glass” textured. You can’t see through it clearly but it lets in light.

Over the 2 years that we’ve lived in this particular home, the shower has become my absolute favorite place in the house. It is almost always the cleanest space in my home because it’s my sanctuary, my refuge, my escape.

Other than holing myself up in one of our teeny tiny closets, my shower is the only place in my home that I can experience true seclusion. I can’t hear anything but the water rushing over my ears. And as a mother of little ones, I have a much deeper appreciation of the phrase, “Calgon, take me away!”

My shower time is about the only 10 to 15 minutes of recharging I experience. As many parents can relate, I have not had a thorough night’s sleep since I was 7 weeks pregnant with my first son. So not only do I have very little space for seclusion, there is also very little time in my life for replenishment! Someday I hope to create a place in our backyard that is built to be an “escape” from the world. But for now, I am content when walking through the shower door into a world of nothing but me & the water.

Do you crave seclusion in your life? How do you accomplish that? How do you recharge your energy when depletion is near?