If you know me, you know I have not had the easiest of times when it comes to establishing a routine in the overnight hours with my boys. And because of that, I have simply accepted that I won’t be able to establish a morning routine of any kind until they are both waking at a normal hour (6am or later). I have had dreams of waking early to hit the gym, or to take a walk, to shower and be ready for the day by the time their little peepers crack open!

Jane over at Much Ado has offered up a “challenge” of sorts that has motivated me to attempt to establish a routine, regardless of how wacky my children’s sleep schedules are at the moment. And sometimes, changing the situation just has to be done, regardless if all the variables aren’t in the “right” place.

Being that I have a relationship with Jesus, it is crucial that I foster that relationship. Just as I wouldn’t expect to know my friend Jane very well if I never wrote to her, never read any of her writings, never spent any time conversing with her, etc. so it is with the Lord. If I allow the events of my day to become the priority in my life, without even attempting to include God in the mix, then I should expect to never really know Him intimately. My relationship with Jesus is the crux of who I am. And yet it saddens me that I have seasons, such as this one, that my relationship with Him is on the back burner of my mind and heart.

So, a change needs to be made. I will be joining Jane and others in the 5 O’Clock Club over at the blog girltalk. I do plan on setting my alarm for 5AM with the hopes that my Bible will open & my coffee in hand by 5:15. My boys wake anywhere between 4:30 and 6AM, but I will persevere in getting them to stay in their bed until 6AM.

That’s the plan. I do believe I need a strategy, of sorts, before I embark on this routine if I am to have success. Do I believe I’ll get 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with the Lord? Highly unlikely. Do I believe even 10 minutes of being in the Word before the day begins can be beneficial? Absolutely! And that’s why I’m doing it. I’ll give it my best shot, expect God to meet me in my mornings, and pray that He can do what needs to be done in my mind and heart with whatever time He allows me to have with Him.

I am hopeful that my spirit will be less anxious, that my attitude will be less frustrated, that my tone of voice will be more loving, and that my mind and heart will be more centered on what the Lord desires.

Are you in? If you have a relationship with Jesus, how do you nurture it? What motivates you to spend undistracted time with the Lord?