photo by jfournierphoto

Tuesday night: Set alarm for 5AM, in bed by 10:30PM.

11:45PM – Wee Bubbs wakes – administer teething meds, shush and wajk for 20 minutes, back in bed by 12:20AM

3:50AM – Wee Bubbs wakes; nurse for 15 minutes, back in bed by 4:10AM

4:20AM – Bubbs wakes; gets in bed with Hubbs and I.

5:00AM – Alarm sounds; I hit Snooze (BIG NO NO!!), but I rise at 5:05AM.

5:10AM – Bible is open, coffee is in hand, house is quiet and I read.

5:25AM – Wee Bubbs wakes; I think (10 MINUTES, LORD??? THAT’S ALL I GET??)

5:30AM – I shush Wee Bubbs back down and pray he’ll fall back to sleep; reading  resumes

5:50AM – Wee Bubbs gives up the fuss and falls back to sleep on his own

6:30AM – Bubbs wakes up.

My day started at 5AM and I was blissfully thankful that I enjoyed a full hour and 20 minutes reading the Word, journaling and praying. I know all mornings will not allow me that much time, but I’ll take it when I get it!

It really wasn’t all that difficult to rise at 5:00 only because I wasn’t getting up to take care of my children; I was getting up to take care of ME. Somehow that made all the difference in my attitude and how I viewed the time on the clock.

Quiet house, brewed coffee, a chill in the air, wrapped in a warm blanket, soft lighting, just me and God.

Well, and the cat. 😉