At the start of the year I decided to choose a word that I would try to remember and apply in my life throughout 2010. I chose CONTENTMENT. If you would like to know why you can read about it here.

January was fantastic for me in the area of contentment. No longer did I feel the “blues” from yesteryear about my life in general. I was a new woman. A new perspective. Great things happened in January – GREAT THINGS. I even launched myself into a new routine in my mornings, hopeful that it could become habit.

The last time I tried to launch a new routine, I got sick. It was just me, Jillian Michaels and The Shred. I lasted 4 days and by Day 5 I was sick. Just a cold. But illness is a major challenge to me in the area of contentment. It always knocks me so far out of focus; I can never seem to just “get through it” without a lot of complaining, fussing, grumbling – definitely not words that go well next to contentment.

So now comes the 5 O’Clock Club, something I knew I needed to do (much like The Shred), and something I knew would need to happen for several weeks in order to become habit.

And then I got sick. Well, I was actually getting sick when I started the Club, so I probably didn’t do myself any favors. And on Day 2 I rolled out of bed, sicker than a dog, at 5AM, determined to push through and make it happen! Day 3 I shut the alarm off and tried to get sleep because I was so sick.

So, my contentment level in February has been challenged and I’m not giving in. I’m NOT! I do need rest in order to get better. But once this illness subsides I will hop back on that 5AM horse and keep on keepin’ on. This time with the Lord is too important for me to get side-tracked with a little thing like a head cold.

This year is proving to be a challenge for a few other reasons, which I may expand on in later posts. But God does not give us more than we can bear. He will be my refuge in times of distress, my hope in times of discouragement, my rock in times of stormy circumstances.

If you chose a Word of the Year, I’d love to know how it’s going!