Being the mother of two boys, it is rare that I feel the urge to do something “pretty” – even for myself. For the most part I feel quite blessed because I do believe I would spending a LOT more money on things like dress-up clothes and hair accessories and shoes if I had two girls.

But every now and then I do get the urge to decorate or to dress up for Hubbs or to embellish. And today was the day. Valentine’s Day is coming up pretty quick, and though it’s not a holiday that Hubbs and I put a lot of effort into for each other, it’s definitely something that my children are “expected” to put effort into the older they get. Good or bad, it’s just the way it is!

Tomorrow we have a Valentine’s Day party with my mom’s group and we’ve been asked to bring something pink/purple/heart-shaped to share with the other kids (food of some sort). And Thursday Bubbs has been asked to bring 23 valentines to swap with his preschool buddies.

My first reaction to both of these requests was “BLEH.” But then I quickly refocused and tried to come up with something simple, easy, and CHEAP that will allow my child to participate. YES, he’s only THREE and YES, I know mom’s will be fine if I bring NOTHING or something like crackers to the group. But I do believe he’ll be frustrated if he shows up to school and has nothing to swap with others…even though I doubt he’ll have a clue what the heck he’s to do with any of those valentine’s.

During my stroll through Target this morning a smart little package of “pretty cookies” jumped right out at me. And they were on sale. And they looked easy. And everything but an egg and butter was included. PERFECT.

I was impressed with the contents: a small bag of sugar cookie mix, some sprinkles, and even 18 chocolate hearts…that they apparently felt the need to tell folks to remove the wrapping before eating. Hmmm….

Now, I consider myself a pretty darn good cook and I’ve done my fair share of baking; but cookies are a whole different animal to me and I still consider myself the novice when it comes to decorating, shaping, getting them to be the right amount of “chewy”, etc. 

Just keep that in mind when you see my “pretty cookies”…and please keep the laughter to a minimum…it’s the effort that counts…right??

Tomorrow we’re also making valentine’s for the kids as a craft…it’s a good thing I still have a box of Winnie the Pooh valentine’s from a trip to the Dollar Store last year!!