I’m not quite the TV junkie that I used to be  (thank goodness). I would like to think it’s because I’ve come to understand the depravity that television can bring into one’s life and I don’t need that kind of exposure to worldly ideas.

But really it’s more to do with the fact that I have 2 children who consume 90% of my time and until there’s more than 24 hours in a day, I’m not going to be sitting in front of the tube much. That and there really isn’t anything super great on these days anyways….

BUT, there’s a little show called LOST and this one has had me hooked for several years now. We are FINALLY in the last season of the show, which is both awesome and “bumming” at the same time. Awesome because the viewer (addict) will hopefully get many of their unending questions answered; bumming because there will once again be even fewer good shows to watch (I’ve got 10 channels people, not much to choose from!!).

There seems to be a constant theme that runs through my mind as I watch each episode. It goes something like this:


Now, if I were to know that part about this show beforehand, I would definitely dismiss it as a huge waste of my precious free time.

But that’s the kicker: it doesn’t frustrate me. It just makes me anticipate the next week’s episode, as though I’m right there on the island with these good-looking castaways who never have a need to eat ANYTHING or drink ANYTHING while traipsing through jungles and rivers and coming upon people and then NEVER asking them for something to eat or drink, or how it is that they can be so sweaty but never complain about needing a shower or a jump in a lake…I could go on. Obviously I have issues with how these folks manage daily life on the island….

There has only been one other such show that sucked me into every episode and that was ALIAS. If you’re tired of the hum-drum show that just gives you the same people in the same type of scenarios, then I highly recommend you Netflix yourself the first season of ALIAS. Where else can one chick have so many complex problems while saving the world from impending disaster at the same time?

What gets you feeling like an addict? Music? Movies? A certain show?