As I’ve mentioned before, I’m no stranger to the kitchen. I’m quite amazed at how 5 years of being married has transformed how I view food, what I’ve been able to accomplish in the kitchen, and the aspirations I have for myself in regards to cooking in general. Pre-marriage I was solely relying on my roommates cooking skills and the rest of the time eating such delicacies as maccaroni and cheese, Top Ramen, and hot dogs – a lot of hot dogs! I wasn’t exactly a young bride either, so one would think that years of bad eating habits would take a bit much to break.   

But something interesting happened on the way to the marriage kitchen: I found I had purpose there. The kitchen wasn’t just a place of mere survival with a pint of ice cream to end the night. It wasn’t about how many bags of chips I would need in the pantry to keep the friends and boyfriends of friends happy. And it most certainly wasn’t just about me anymore. 

The kitchen became “creative grounds.” And creativity is something I have always felt a need to work really hard at. Creativity doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to scrunch up my forehead, look at something from all possible angles, make sure I have directions or a guide or a picture at least!! 

But over the years, through months of major pregnancy ills, to years of sleep deprivation, through house moves, relocations, job changes and life in general, I have somehow become quite the proficient cook. 

If you had told me pre-marriage that I would be making my own baby food for my child and that I would think it was fun and easy, I would have laughed you right out of my 2-bedroom condo. But that’s exactly how it was for me.     

I’ll be sharing with you the recipes that work for me, and probably some that don’t! And yes, as you can see my kitchen is far from perfect. The same could probably be said of my cooking. But it’s improving, I’m growing in my abilities, and that is something I cherish about my life. I love that I can be the mom, the wife, the housekeeper, the gardener and still be able to learn and grow.      


Someday I hope to have a larger space, especially one with an island of some sort. A space that includes Silestone® countertops, plenty of wall space for art, projects, shelves and the like, a hanging pot rack…the list goes on.      


But for now, I’m able to find contentment in the space I’ve been blessed with – messes and all. The paint color may not be what I had hoped for (and yes, I chose the color myself…remember my creativity challenge??), the windows desperately need dressing, and the dining area is pretty pitiful. But if I could, I’d have you over any day of the week and serve you a delicious meal. Even with a dirty floor!      

Tonight’s dish is Chicken Enchiladas (one dish I’m always on the hunt to improve upon). I hope to share a review with you tomorrow!