It’s been quite a week. And I’m not exactly sure which part I should blog about first…

  • Should I post my thoughts about traveling with children? My experience with the dos, the dont’s, and the terrible success we’ve had with the commonly used “pack & plays” when we’ve tried using them as a bed for our children?


  • Or how about the passing of Hubbs’ middle-school pet, a 27-year-old cockatiel? The same one that rendered countless smiles from my in-laws grandchildren each and every time they were visiting the house. The same one who was lovingly referred to as “Beak”, since his name was Beaker Bird.


  • Maybe I should write about the fact that I caught a cold – again – the day before we left on vacation. And that I’m still not over that darn cold, since it’s now been diagnosed as a sinus infection. And how disappointed I was – again – that I had a perfectly good opportunity to catch up on some rest, reading and writing but it was pooped on by a darn cold.

No, instead I’ll briefly write my thoughts on a diagnosis that somewhat caught my entire family off-guard last week. A diagnosis that sat in the nether regions of my mind, knowing we couldn’t possibly escape the realities of a major illness or health scare, but I would have to wait and see about the “who”, the “what”, and other details.

After 4 weeks of opinions, exams, MRIs, and invasive biopsy, it was determined that my little brother (LB) has cancer. This is the same guy who looked the picture of health the week before he discovered something might be “not quite right.”

7 years of back pain but with zero symptoms of illness has led to LB and his wife being told it’s a malignant tumor attached to either a bone in his spine or a joint in his spine. And it’s the size of a small melon. And it definitely has to come out soon since it’s still growing. And LB will definitely have to have chemotherapy or radiation once it’s out, to ensure any remaining cancerous cells are treated.


So this coming Thursday, a small melon-sized ball of cancerous tissue will be extracted through my brother’s back, after at least 1 rib is broken and his ribs are spread apart.

And we’re all praying that’s all there is to it.

Those are my thoughts today as the sun is (finally) shining once again on our little town and the clouds have gone away for awhile and there are chores to be done, errands to be run, weeds to be pulled.

Praying and hoping that LB and wife will have a week filled with peace as they await what the next part of their journey holds for them.

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?  But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you.” ~ Matthew 6:27, 33