~ bird calls filling the air

~ green leafy buds on the tree in the backyard

~ the song of the local ice cream truck as it roams the neighborhood

~ voices of neighbors in their backyards

~ Sebastian the cat roaming from one sun-filled space in the house to another

~ windows thrown open to welcome in the fresh air

~ a cool evening that requires a light sweater instead of wrapping up in a blanket

~ the joy of sending my boys on a walk with their dad when he’s home from work since the sun is up until their bedtime

~ watching a new bird family lay claim to the bird house hanging in the big tree out back

~ the anticipation of family dinners on the patio

~ weekends spent doing yardwork rather than housework

~ neighbors reacquainting with each other as though coming out of a deep winter’s sleep

Welcome Spring ~ we’ve missed you!