Know any authors, or those aspiring to be one? I do! And when I saw this nifty little website yesterday, I thought this might peak their interest.



Ever feel like it’s the holiday’s when it’s not? Here’s some great ideas to create the illusion of more time in your week!

Slowing Down: Taking the Time to Make Some Time ~ Simple Kids


Scrapbooking is still a passion of mine, even though I almost never put time into it these days. But my interest is still there, just waiting for the time and space for me to get crafty again. With that in mind, here’s this Friday’s scrapbook find:

Freehand Scraps

Note: I’m not usually into entire scrapbook kits, mainly because I’m afraid I’ll spend the money only to use a smattering of items in the kit. But with this crafty little shop, they not only show you pretty good pics of what’s included, they also show you examples that the kit designers did, using only the elements included in the kit. So, you get a great kit as well as some shots of layout ideas for your next project!


I enjoy “hunting” for easy finds when it comes to ideas for my boys. Melissa over at Chasing Cheerios is chock full of ‘em! One of her latest posts has to do with a nifty little job chart she created for her oldest daughter, “O”. But the best part?? It’s a free download from another great site, which means one click & you’ve got a FREE job chart that you can specify any way you like.

O’s Job Chart ~ Chasing Cheerios


Leaping from my blog post here, I found this idea to be intriguing, especially if you’re new to menu planning. If you’re finding that the traditional menu plan isn’t doing much for you, then maybe this take will. 

A New Way to Menu Plan ~ Simple Bites