March was a very busy month for me – hence the lack of posting lately! But thankfully it was filled with mostly fun things rather than me being sick or tired or some such. So I’m not complaining!

Because March was so crazy-busy for us, my meal plan kinda went out the window. I still used most of the ingredients purchased for certain meals, just in different ways. I tried my first recipe from a new book I won from a giveaway on Life As Mom, Family Feasts for $75 a Week, by Mary Ostyn. I made the Chinese Chicken Salad recipe since I had most of the ingredients on-hand. I loved it; hubby not so much. But to be fair, I used already cooked & shredded chicken from the freezer & the recipe calls for cubed chicken breast that needs to be sautéed with a few other ingredients. So I’ll be making it again, using what the recipe calls for & about 1/2 the amount of sesame oil it recommends. It made a ton but I snacked on it for a few days!

Thankfully I still have an organic frozen chicken in the freezer,  since it was only .99¢ a lb. – an excellent price around here!

I’ve still got several meals from March that didn’t happen, so those have been transferred to April, most of them being ones that are new recipes to try. A * is next to the new recipes.

Rather than listing out each day, I’ve uploaded the actual calendar that I use. Just click on it to see a bigger picture. Bon Apetit!