1.  A warm bed

Even though I’m “forced” out of it every.single.morning because of 2 little rugrats who insist on waking while it’s pitch black outside, I’m thankful for it nonetheless. It’s comfortable for me every time I’m able to lay my head down. I am so grateful for those moments!!

2.  The bloom of flowers and new growth in our backyard

There are moments during the year that all that growth drives me bananas, like this growth here, but overall I feel privileged to be in a home that I have various gardening options – something I hope proves to be enriching not just for myself but my entire family.

3.  Those first steps

Yep, my Wee Bubbs decided to make St. Patrick’s Day all the more special for me by taking his first steps while walking to me from the living room coffee table. Any sacrifice my husband and I have made for me to stay home with the kids is worth it during moments like that. And of course, getting to see the little guy wibble-wobble on a daily basis as he learns the fine art of walking on two feet.

4.  Friends to do life with

Relationships have always been important to me – I can’t remember a time when a friendship wasn’t worth pursuing with someone. There have been a few that just didn’t work out or fizzled after awhile, but I am thankful for the truly countless friends I have in this world. I feel richly blessed when it comes to not just the quantity but also the quality of my friendships, even if I were to never make another friend to the day I die. They are a worthy investment of my time and energy which pays off in ways I can’t imagine.

5.  Hand-me-down clothing

Who doesn’t benefit from used clothing? I’m sure there are folks like Paris Hilton or the Queen of England who never had to go without, let alone go with someone else’s used anything – but I’m fortunate enough not to be one of those folks. Whether it was the Salvation Army as a kid for my school clothes, visiting Savers in Las Vegas for things like Halloween costumes or being amazed at the amount of hand-me-downs we have received from various people for our children, I am always thankful.

6.  Nap times

I squeeze out every single second when one of my kids is down for a nap. I know there are mothers around the globe shouting out a “hurrah!” with me!

7.  Hot water

I often wonder HOW mother’s did without running hot water while raising small children – imagine!! But today’s thankfulness for hot water is for the quick access to a hot cup of tea in my mornings. No matter the circumstance, hot tea calms the moment.

8.  Chocolate

Yep, even the little things are alright to be thankful for and man, that stuff just hits the spot sometimes!! Especially those mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…

9.  Preschool

When my first child was born, I abhorred the notion of sending him away from my clutches at such a young age as 3 or 4 years old. I could barely handle the idea that he would be starting Kindergarten at age 5 or 6. HAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! (Can you hear the gusto in my voice?) HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!! But seriously, I continue to be thankful that a) such a thing as preschool exists and b) that my little guy absolutely loves being in school, even if for just 2.5 hours at a time. I am not a “preschool mom” and as much as I love the idea of doing preschool activities at home, it just isn’t the same. I love seeing Bubbs run up to his teachers to give hugs, I love seeing him with his friends, I love the crafts and activities he has access to at school that I couldn’t think of or even provide for him if I had the space to do it. I love that he is comfortable enough in his own skin to not need mom or dad around 24/7. I love it!!

10.  Pistachios

No real big reason why – I’m just thankful they exist!

It’s been a rough morning with my preschooler. And the rough morning definitely had the potential to taint the remainder of our day in a bad way. But long ago, a dear friend reminded me of the quickest, surest way to get rid of a negative attitude: BE THANKFUL. If you live in America, there are at least 100 things you can be thankful for immediately.

So a good thing to put into practice is “10 things.” When the grumps hit, when circumstances threaten to consume you, when the tears easily well up for no reason – think of 10 things you are thankful for RIGHT NOW. You just do it. There doesn’t have to be a good reason why, it doesn’t have to make sense to you or anyone else. It’s just good stuff for the soul. It takes the focus off of whatever is bugging you and reminds you that there is more to life than a bad mood, a bad attitude, a bad day.

So – what is something you’re thankful for