Here’s just one more reason to have a weekly (or more) meal plan:


On the days that I’m sick (like today) or just too dog-tired to cook, we aren’t “forced” as a family to have to make do with processed food from the pantry or pay for eating out that night. I can just switch things around on my meal plan and make a quicker / easier dish than planned or, like tonight, have leftovers from yesterday’s dinner of BBQ pork sandwiches and we’re good to go.

Cut up some fruit or steam some veggies and voila – dinner!

Need some ideas for dinners this month? Here’s my dinner menu plan from March and April. The May menu plan will be posted at the end of April. As for me, I just may be sticking with good ‘ol chicken noodle soup tonight, but at least my family has a healthier, tastier option.