photo by Wendy Copley

Just as with most topics related to children, food can be a tricky one to figure out because “every kid is different” – a phrase I have loathed from the moment my first child was born, regardless of how true it is.

When it comes to mealtimes for preschoolers, it can be fun, overwhelming, redundant, boring, creative, stressful, challenging, joyful, painful – you name it! And sometimes all of those emotions can pop up in just a week’s time!

Most days I make a good effort at putting wholesome food on the plate. But as parents, we need to give ourselves some grace now and then, understanding that when illness strikes, when we’re traveling, when the littles are driving us batty – sometimes hot dogs and a piece of fruit is good enough!!

I’ve often been quite happy with my Bubbs when it comes to food. Up until recently, it’s really never been a huge issue. He used to eat just about anything I put in front of him. He loved fruits and veggies, but mostly veggies! He has always been great to have at the grocery store with me, learning about the different food options. So when he hit the age of 3 and started to become a pickier eater, I took it kind of personally.

And it’s been a bit of a challenge since – at least at breakfast and dinner.

The challenge for me is creativity. I know there are countless options for him when we visit the grocery store: he has no known allergies, he has all his teeth, and he (normally) loves to eat!

Below are a few links to some good reads that have helped me overcome the various challenges of putting a healthy meal in front of my preschool 3 times a day. Snacks will have to be an entire post unto its own someday!

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