One of my favorite characteristics that Bubbs and I share is the love of books. I am blessed to have a very good friend in my life who taught elementary school kids for over 10 years, and before Bubbs was born, she gave me a book that helped me set Bubbs on the path of loving to read.

“Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever”, by Mem Fox is a great book to help parents and caregivers better understand the value of reading to the child, not just giving the child books to read (and chew, and throw) along the way.

I know mom’s are busy, regardless of the child’s age. But this book is a pretty easy read. A few minute’s a night and you could get through it in a week. I highly recommend the read, even if you already know the value of reading to your child. I plan on re-reading it starting TONIGHT; my Wee Bubbs has never shown interest in being read to, regardless of my attempts over the last 11 months. He loves to handle books, especially to eat them – which Ms. Fox discusses in her book. I know that’s an important part of his particular learning style, his personality. Ms. Fox gives advice and activities for such an occassion as this and I hope to find a new direction to take Wee Bubbs down in the coming year to help him develop a love for books as well.

Bacl to Bubbs, since it’s Preschool Week around here! I had brought a few board books to the hospital before Bubb’s birth, to the recommendation of my teacher-friend. Even though I had read the Fox book, I was still a bit skeptical about the necessity / value of showing him printed words upon the first hours of his life.

But when I opened that first book (SO wish I could remember the exact one!), it amazed me how quickly Bubbs focused on the page. He was hooked from the very first picture, the very first word read to him. It was amazing and yes, even magical to me!

When we got home a few days later, one of the first events I took pictures of was Hubbs reading to Bubbs….

These pics are absolutely priceless to me because of how much of Bubbs personality is seen at such an early stage.

I believe Bubbs’ love for books has helped him in many ways, including

  • the rich vocabulary he has
  • the ability for him to know all kinds of the different types of dinosaurs, types of tractors, science words, plant varieties, insects, etc. About a year ago he was trying to tell my mom about a certain dinosaur and she thought he was talking about medicine of some sort – it was very funny! He was trying to tell her about his Dimetrodon!
  • it helps him focus on one task when we read together (which is VERY hard for him to do in any other area of his life)
  • I think it has helped him build confidence as well as develop a passion for learning

No doubt there are many other ways reading has helped shape Bubbs into who he is at 3.5 years of age. But those are some things I happen to see today that I don’t know would be there had we not spent the time with him exposing him to all sorts of books from a very early age.

Some of Bubbs favorite books today include

If you’re ever in doubt of what to get a child for his birthday or for Christmas, you will never go wrong with a new book. If you’re not sure of what they like to read about, just ask the parent!

Better yet, ask the child and you’ll be surprised at what they like to discover between the pages of a book.