It’s that time of year again. Every Spring I get the gardening “itch.” And here we are again; me, gazing out to our backyard with hopes of getting a garden started. And plans that will have to wait until next Spring.

Wait, you say? Why wait? Just put some seeds in the ground, water it a bit and watch it grow!

Yeah, I tried that. If you’ve been with me from the beginning of this blog, you’ll remember it started out as me documenting doing the plant / water / grow thing. And the results were quite pathetic. I learned a lot through that experience; the most important being the need to prepare.

Thus, I have to wait another year. I’ve got plenty of space just waiting for something to make it useful, beautiful, whole.



However, the soil that resides there is, in the words of my mother-in-law, “uccka”. That’s the best way to describe it. Clay is the main ingredient. Rock-hard, clay-filled soil. Also, half of the sprinklers don’t work, which means a lot of hand-watering. Not ideal for busy mom’s or families who like to get away for a weekend here or there.

I have a dream. A garden dream, anyways. And fulfillment of that dream means hiring someone to help me accomplish it. Hubbs and I are fully aware of our lack of skill for all things construction. Including constructing thing like planter boxes and fixing things like sprinkler systems.

So, that’s where I’m at. Hopeful that this summer I can put a plan in place that will mean next Spring I can officially start my new garden.

My garden dream includes things like:

  • 4 raised beds filled with great, easy to dig in, soil
  • at least 1 fruit tree planted
  • a space designated for composting (preferably an area that can’t be reached by little hands…)
  • a space designated for the boys to dig, water, plant, do whatever they wish to do with soil that is easy for them to play in
  • a watering system that includes automatic watering for days we’re gone
  • veggies like squash, lettuce varieties, peppers, beans, tomatoes
  • something “viney” like grapes or blackberries

I’m very tempted to just call up DeVoDa Gardens and tell them the front yard is their’s for the taking, but something tells me Hubbs wouldn’t appreciate it very much. Neighbors down the street started their front yard garden through DeVoDa last Fall and it is absolutely stunning today. I never would have guessed a vegetable garden could look so picturesque.

So, I wait. I continue do research to help me prepare for the time that we can have our own garden kick-off party. Oh and of course, I dream...