Coughing. Sneezing. Snots. Phlegm. Pink Eye. Night Wakings. Late Bed Times.

That about describes my household for the last week. Some of it for the last few months. I am continuing on yet another path with antibiotics to try and beat a “cold.” I am tired of seeing my kitchen counter look like a medicine cabinet on display. After talking with my friend Melissa a few nights ago a theory is becoming more like a fact to me. We may all just be suffering from allergies around here.

This theory both disheartens me (meds of some sort all the time??) and excites me. But if it results in my household becoming sick-free for longer than 2 weeks in a row, I’ll be more excited than anything!

My time on the computer is almost always scattered – I have no “set time” for just mommy to be left alone so she can get something important accomplished like catching up on Facebook, writing a blog post, or maintaining the never-ending, mind-numbing E-mail. I realize my life’s work these days isn’t necessarily “professional”, but the outside world on my computer is sometimes the only thing that causes me to feel like I’m learning something new – especially when it concerns home life. Yes, I read books – a lot. But I’m continually fascinated when I read of other’s life experiences in their blogs, where they go, what they do. Like Leigh Anne in Portland. She’s part of a yummy little blog called Homebased Portland. I love the pictures and ALL the wonderful things a place like Portland has to offer. This one about a grilled cheese food cart just about made me want to jump on a plane right then and there and head up north for a hot bowl of tomato soup and one those delicious sandwiches!

I’ve been on a bit of an organic kick lately, most especially because of my littlest eating solid food with the rest of the family. I try to stick to organic as much as possible when it comes to dairy products and, when available, any meat. I’ve yet to delve into organic produce from the grocery store (it never looks tasty for the price), but I love visiting the local Farmer’s Market during the summer (starts May 1st around here!). If you’re like me, you’ll scoff at the prices – initially. But the more effort I’m making into reading labels and making the best choice for our family, the more I’m realizing it’s not nearly as “budget breaking” as I thought it would be. Mostly because I’m much more aware of each product I’m putting into the grocery cart, which means less quantity of items but better quality products.

Here’s a link to help get you going on the organic journey or if you’ve already started down the organic path, then maybe these will spark a new direction.

11 Tips For Eating Healthy On a Budget ~ Simple Mom

Last but not least, I found a new blog to love. If you haven’t already figured out, I’m kind of a blog junkie. And sometimes I get convinced that there’s nothing new on the Internet, especially when I start to feel like I’m just reading the same stuff over and over on a few blogs.

But then, I came across How About Orange and it was immediate affection. I mean, who wouldn’t be drawn in just by the pop of color? An immediate pick-me-up. I haven’t had much time to really investigate the blog, but I do love the randomness of it – like this post about toilet paper origami. I mean, what is not to love about something as distracting as folding your toilet paper? It’s a blog such as this that I like to escape to, just to see what else is new under the sun.