Meal planning is always “tricky” when I know guests will be staying. My parents have been staying with us – which we LOVE having them here, especially my Bubbs – so my meal plan for April had to be a lot more flexible than usual. Surprisingly I’ve stayed on track all but one night.

May is looking pretty quiet for us, which means nearly every night needs to be planned. I’m surprised at how tired I am of our standards already – things like Lasagna, several soup dishes, etc. Plus, not knowing when the warmer weather will be sticking around for good means I will no doubt have to be flexible as I won’t feel like having Clam Chowder if it happens to be 80 degrees in my house!

The meals where you can find the recipes are listed below and the meal plan for May will follow. These 3 meals happen to be among my all-time faves…for now. I’m hoping they’ll stay that way for a long while. Happy Planning!

Eggplant Parmesan
Chicken Pot Pie

Clam Chowder