May 2010

After much encouragement from a few comments to this post here, and reading of the gardening possibilities from Small Notebook’s post here, I decided to take the plunge and start a container garden!

It helped that I had my mom here. She’s an avid gardener in the beautiful state of Oregon, where the soil is amazing and of course, there’s plenty of moisture year-round. Though she doesn’t have a lot of experience with vegetable gardens, she was still quite insightful about what types of containers to look for, the various “feeding” options for the different plants, how often to water, etc.

My first attempt at a vegetable garden required a week of backbreaking ground preparation. This time around was 2 afternoons of shopping, working, and voila – a garden!

bell pepper plant

I decided to put 3 veggie plants in the ground again, this time with “food” for the plants, just to see if I get better tasting results than last time. I certainly won’t get a huge bounty, since there’s only 1 plant each of cucumber, bell pepper and strawberry. But I’m considering this year just another experiment in my gardening efforts.

round carrots, cucumber plant and lemon balm

I’m also trying my hand at seed gardening. So, I’ve got 2 types of lettuce – butterhead and chard – as well as round carrots, all as seeds in huge pots. I’m pretty skeptical of those, but, we’ll see!

The 2 types of tomato plants are in a barrel and those I am most confident will provide a nice bounty of veggies. I’ve also got lemon balm (for ice tea), flat-leaf parsley, basil and cilantro in a little herb garden.
My mom brought down some hangers she wasn’t using. She put those up for me and now I have a little “depth” to the space. I love it!

I’m trying hard to figure out how I’m going to keep up with the watering demands, especially when we take our vacations this summer. But for now, it’s a fun adventure that I didn’t think was going to be possible this year.

flat-leaf parsley, basil & cilantro

I’m looking forward to trying my hand at making fresh salsa with my home-grown tomatoes, basil and cilantro. I can already taste the fresh ice tea with sprigs of lemon balm. And I’m hopeful that Bubbs and I will be able to share a yummy strawberry or two from our little patch out back.

It will look a lot different in about 60 days!