Here’s just a few things we’re waiting for around here:

~ first veggies and fruits of the season to appear on our plants

~ warmer weather to get here so we can get the carpets cleaned

~ blooms to appear on our japonica plant and jasmine vine

~ Wee Bubbs to figure out how to stay asleep throughout the night

~ June to arrive so we can go visit long-time friends in Las Vegas

~ my brother to be fully recovered from his incredible surgery he had last week

~ 2 date nights in one week for the hubby and I coming up in a few weeks (can I get an AMEN??!)

~ the ground cover that was planted nearly 2 months ago to GROW ALREADY; can’t stand all the dirt that shows in my flower bed

~ time, energy and no kid distractions for Hubbs and I to move the computer desk into our spare room that used to house a bed, and now doesn’t – loving the extra space already!

and last but not least,

~ hummingbirds to appear at our newly-hung hummingbird feeder. Bubbs adores hummingbirds; anytime we visit his great-grandmother, he sees hummingbirds at her feeder. I honestly think if I see one first, I just won’t say anything. I want him to see the first one!