I haven’t felt well for quite some time now, so when Mother’s Day rolled around this year, it was just more of the same. Waking up feeling like I need to head straight back to bed, drinking tea all day to try and get rid of the throat pain, hoping to just “get through” the day rather than looking forward to the day’s activities.

A few hours into the morning, I remembered Bubbs had made me a Mother’s Day gift at preschool. I unrolled this little gem:


and it definitely brightened my day. I’m thankful I have something like this to look at in the moments of joy, the moments of madness, the moments of

If you’re a mother reading this, I truly hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. As for me, I’ll be looking at those handprints for years to come, in the good times, the painful times, the tired times, and the joyful times. I am blessed.

The sweetest sounds to mortals given
Are heard in Mother, Home, and Heaven.
                                             ~William Goldsmith Brown