~ Most of the time I feel like the majority of my day is spent taking things out and putting things away.

~ Saw these little babies in the grocery check-out lane the other night and just had to try them. I’m a lover of all things peanut butter and that includes the yummy Reese’s Pieces. I am happy to say that M&M’s version of chocolate & peanute butter did not disappoint!

~ I continue to be amazed at the power of the sun. On the days that I’m battling the feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, gloomy, bad attitude, you name it – if I can get myself outside for just an hour on a sunny day – I’m in awe of the change in my disposition. My circumstances surely haven’t changed, but my attitude has. And for that, I am thankful.

~ Nearly every time I clean my oven or my kitchen floor I feel compelled to take a picture. I don’t do it – but it’s still tempting. It seems I blink & they’re back to being disgusting again. I don’t remember having that compulsion before children…