18 months. That’s how long I waited to lose the baby weight and inches from my first pregnancy. For me, that was too long of a time to begin the process. I was not a happy camper those first 18 months.

6 months. That’s how long it took to lose the weight and inches, and then some! I was astonished and mad at myself that I didn’t make the effort sooner.

1 day. That’s how many times I’ve worked out this year. I’m still sore in several different places from that workout and it’s been 3 days!! But I’m dressed “to the shoes” in my workout gear, waiting for Wee Bubbs to rise from his nap so the boys and I can head over to the gym.

6 months. I’m hopeful that it will take less than that, but if it doesn’t, that means by the end of the year there will be less frumpiness, less squeezing into pants that don’t fit right, less tiredness, less moodiness towards my kids, less ME. I’m hopeful there will be more exercise, more eating right, more stretching, more good health, more loving on my kids, more energy.

I’ll be posting the miles I walk / run on the treadmill in the sidebar. I’m hoping to get back into yoga, start a spin class, maybe do some water exercises. I need to get excited about this because I know from experience it’s better for everyone when mommy is taking care of herself.

Off to the gym!