Today I

  • shopped at OSH and picked up a new pot for 2 new tomato seedlings to add to our little garden family, as well as some U-hoops to help keep my ever-growing tomato plants from falling over;
  • picked up the seedlings from a friend in town (thanks Beth!);
  • planted the little lovelies;
  • continued to thin out the chard seedlings;
  • attempted to make the flower bed sprinklers better – AGAIN!
  • went to work on our emptier guest room; set up a table, reorganized my scrapbooking / crafting supplies (the day is coming, I WILL craft again).

And of course none of those items were on my “to do” list for today.

But that’s what happens when a certain Wee Bubbs decides to be awake most of the night and needs to nap 3 times, off-schedule, the next day.

It was nice to have something fun to do since I was sidetracked by my little guy. Now, where’s that to-do list…