IMG_2337 This is my Bubbs making a bee-line for the strawberry plant after I told him our first strawberry of the season was ready to eat.

I discovered a tiny slug was burrowing it’s way in – didn’t ruin the whole berry though…  YUMMY!


IMG_2306 My butterhead lettuce seedlings are doing very well…too well actually – time for thinning! I had the thinned seedlings on a salad tonight; delish!


The carrots, bell pepper and chard continue to grow nicely, as do the 4 tomato plants. One tomato plant has grown quite huge but has only produced one large tomato…I’m hoping there’s more to come! 

IMG_2305  My Impatiens and Begonias look lovely on the front
  porch, as do the Geraniums and other flowers I’ve
  planted but have already forgotten their names. 😦



I planted Celosium in the planters on the fence as well as in the front around this ghastly tree/bush thing we have. I’m hoping it brings more color to the front yard, other than green and white!

Thanks for visiting my garden today ~ I’d love to hear how your garden is growing sometime!