D loves books.

L, well…he’s getting there!

D has always had a season of “favorites” – whether that’s from books kept in our home or books we get from the local library.

D is the kid who can easily read the same book over and over and over and over again. In certain types of books (like I Spy or Insect) he is very particular about which pages he wants to look at; most times we never do get to each page because he needs / likes to find every detail on certain pages. Some days it’s enough to drive me batty, but most of the time I find it intriguing to see how his little brain works.

Recently I decided to start making a list in each boy’s baby book. It includes the season and year, the title and author of the book, and “LB” if it’s a library book. Sometimes it will also include the particulars of what they like about that book, or if there’s something unique or funny in how they relate to that book.

For example:

Spring 2010       “The Little Scarecrow Boy” by Margaret Wise Brown (LB)
   D sticks his tongue out every time he sees the first picture of the scarecrow boy (who is also sticking his tongue out). He tries to whistle like old woman scarecrow does through her “straw teeth”. He gets VERY excited when I start to read about the crows coming at the scarecrow boy. One night I heard him telling the story to L as they were falling to sleep – it was very precious!

Obviously that’s a lot of text and I could probably write that and more about many of D’s books. I know I won’t have the time to do that for every single one. But my hope is that I can capture this part of who each child is through the years.

I really really wish I had started this earlier, especially in D’s little life. But just like most things in mommyhood, I have to give myself grace. It is my hope that those hours of reading to each child from Day 1 will stay in my heart for a long, long while.

Besides taking pictures or scrapbooking, is there anything you try to do to capture a portion of your child’s life?