IMG_2528 At first I wasn’t sure what I had found when I noticed them among L’s diapers.

Then it dawned on me: Sheep.

Where is Sheep?

Searched for Sheep.

Yep, he’d been tampered with.


I asked D why he ripped them off of Sheep (since I assumed they were stitched on.)

“But mom, sheep don’t wear socks.”

Well….yeah, I know…

“But they’re cute on him.”

As soon as I said it, I realized how silly that sounded. Like a boy is going to care what’s “cute” on a stuffed animal. And it’s not like he tore the feet off the poor creature; the socks actually do come off and there’s even something like hooves underneath!

Sheep was given to D as a gift at my baby shower. So, Sheep has always been in D’s life. And Sheep has always worn socks.


Until now.

Because, you know, sheep don’t wear socks!