IMG_2744I love it when I can capture a moment in time and recognize that, yes, this is what “X” is all about.

Yesterday it happened in our backyard.

We have finally begun to get warm enough weather around here to warrant pulling out the “squishy pool”, as D likes to term it.

D and I pulled the car out of the garage; I climbed up the ladder, hauled down the squishy pool from it’s storage in a black garbage bag. D reminded me where the pump was – still sitting on top of the fridge from last summer.

We stretched the squishy pool out on the patio and cranked on the pump. The loud scream filled the air and D jumped around in excitement.

Oh … he loves the squishy pool. He’s been making do for weeks now in the hard plastic pool, but this has been his anticipation for quite some time.

15 minutes later the pool was in place, the hose was on, and D was fully dressed for the occasion in his Spider-man swim trunks.

L had just woken up from his nap, so he was stripped to his diaper and given the pleasure of watching the pool fill with water for the first time this year.

The excitement was palpable.

I gave over the reigns of the sprayer hose to D and let them have their summer fun.

Because the squishy pool is what summer is all about around here.