IMG_2820 No doubt about it, food is a trigger for memories. And melon is a big memory trigger for me.

I lived in Las Vegas for nearly 15 years and was rarely disappointed when it came to melons. I’ve always loved melon. Always. There’s hardly a melon I don’t like, but my all-time faves are watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew.

I have met more than one person who doesn’t care for watermelon and all I can do is shake my head in wonder…it’s sweet water with a crunch (if it’s a good melon). What’s not to love??

But I digress.

My memory trigger with melon these days is pregnancy. When I was pregnant with D, my first child, I believe I ate a melon a day. No joke. As much as I loved the stuff before pregnancy, it was ten-fold during the pregnancy. And it’s a good thing I was living in the desert, because it was much cheaper and sometimes even tastier than the melons I typically find here in Nor Cal.

I’ve tried growing my own melons, with no luck. Yes, they look like a melon. No, they definitely didn’t taste like a melon.

My melon crave hasn’t lessened since our move from Vegas, but the yummy tasty sweet goodness has definitely not been matched but for a few times.

But today has made up for all the ho-hum tasting melons I’ve had over the last few years.

Today I tried a “Sugar Kiss” cantaloupe.


I have no idea if they actually did in fact infuse these bad boys with real sugar, but I really don’t want to know. Their sweet goodness is divine. Addictive. Delish.

Then I cracked open the honeydew. Sweet nectar. Another fine choice.

The watermelon was better than the $3 dud I picked up at Target last week (last time I’ll be trying “fresh produce” at Target…at least for awhile). But still, I’ve had better.


Ahhh – a fridge of melon. One of (my) life’s little pleasures. That and the corn on the cob I can see peeking through the glass on the bottom…but that’s for another post.

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