Books are treasures, most of the time. Especially library books. I know I spent a lot of time in the public library as a child, but I only have a few vivid memories of those times. One of my memories involves the beloved story time hour, always a favorite. Another one includes the fun of digging through all the books, looking for the ones I liked most. But the most concrete memory I have of the public library in the town I grew up in involves the library bathroom. There I was, just minding my own business, when someone decided to turn the lights out. Yep – me, in pitch blackness, wondering what the heck I was supposed to do! I can’t remember how long I waited, but I remember I wasn’t very adventurous since I just stayed in there, crying probably, until someone came in and turned the light back on.

Because the majority of my library memories were positive ones, thankfully, it was with anticipation and excitement when I brought my firstborn to story time at our public library. Oh what FUN to be amongst other mommies and their little ones, watching my little guy (8 months at the time) as he took in the words being read from the big, bright pages. It felt almost like a responsibility of mine as a mommy, introducing the ways of the public library to my son.


For those reading this blog post who also have boys, I know you’re already chuckling. Granted, there may be a few mom’s whose daughters didn’t take well to the library either, but for the most part, boys in particular don’t really “get” the whole sitting part of ANYTHING. But you don’t understand – my son LOVES books. He has loved books from the first hours of his life – literally. His eyes never left the pages as Hubbs and I committed to reading to him several times a day – and still do. So it only seemed completely perfect to bring him to the library.

Sadly, it’s never been his thing. Wait, it is his thing if he can sit at the little computers they have for the kids these days. He doesn’t do anything except wear huge headphones and click the mouse all over the place, hoping to land on something that will make the little characters talk and such. But try to get that kid to listen to someone read to him, or to search for books that he enjoys, or to read with me on the floor…hah – forget about it. There’s usually screaming, crying, wriggling and fussing – all of which are so fun to deal with in a public place, let alone a QUIET public place.

Ever since that first library adventure with D, it is a “dash and grab” experience to get library books. And now that I have L in the mix, the adventure is that much greater. Of course L has no interest whatsoever in sitting amongst other little people to listen to a story. And thankfully he doesn’t care for the computers – yet. Instead, he’s a runner. Well, a sprinter is more like it. Once he’s out of the stroller, the chase begins.

So there I am, flipping through library books a few at a time, then running to bring L back into my line of sight. D is whining that he needs help with something – dash over to him to remind him to be quiet. Then back over to the books, run after L, back to the books – you get the idea. The other mommies there are usually sitting with their little ones, enjoying the story hour, or reading something THEY like to read while their kids are READING or something. Nope – I’m back and forth – constantly.

But it’s always worth it, because it’s a treasure trove when I get the books home (usually about 15 of them) and D starts poring over them, looking for ones he can enjoy. So while his public library experiences are so much different than mine were, at least we can experience them together.