“How many in your party?”

“Just two.”

It’s the little things like saying “Just two, please.” that make a difference for me. Countless times, when out and about with my children, it becomes a different saying, along with a different look on my face, along with a different tone in my voice…

Upon arrival, my headache started, but I wasn’t anxious in the least. The next 72 hours were just for me and my honey, with nothing to do, no one else to care for, no meals to prepare or diapers to change. We had heard good things about our accommodations, Sycamore Mineral Springs, so I just settled in for a relaxing adventure.

The sun was quickly setting as we walked across the bridge to our little home away from home. I felt like we had won a grand vacation the moment the door swung open. This wasn’t a hotel room. This wasn’t even a hotel “suite”. This was a cute little condo aptly named “Cozy.” We entered into a living room, with a fireplace, a comfy couch, two writing desks, and a TV. Beyond the living room was the balcony / patio area with a spa tub, just for us. The bedroom had a blissfully comfortable four-poster king-size bed with white linens, plush white pillows and a white down comforter. Rich, mahogany dressers, a window seat, another entrance to the patio and a ginormous flat-screen TV was also included.

The bathroom had double sinks and a shower with two shower heads. Have I ever told you about the 3 sq. ft. bathroom Hubbs and I share at home? OK, maybe not 3 whole square feet, but it’s not much bigger, I promise! If I ever have the opportunity to design my own home, the double shower heads will be included.

I realize these amenities might not sound like a “grand vacation” to you. But for us, it was by far the most comfortable overnight lodging we had ever experienced and the timing was absolutely perfect.

The headache persisted, so Hubbs ran out for some Panda Express in Arroyo Grande. I brought up Hulu and found an episode of Community we hadn’t seen yet. Dinner was enjoyed on the comfy couch together with a funny show & a nice little fire. A hot soak in the spa tub helped the headache subside, thankfully. I had brought some mild sleeping pills, just to ensure a good night’s sleep for myself, and the “resting up” continued peacefully throughout the night.

I remember nothing except waking up in that beautiful room, coolness in the air, and wondering what time it was.

“8:30”, muffled Hubbs.

WOW…we finally got not only a good night’s rest, but we were given the grand luxury of sleeping in. I made a pact with myself that very moment to go slow. That bed was so comfy and cozy. I laid there, motionless, for 30 more minutes, just because I could! I slowly rolled out of bed, had a nice cup of coffee and slowly prepared for the day.

I couldn’t wait for the adventure to continue and at the same time, I wanted nothing more than for time to stand still.