Sometimes I’ve got a lot to say on a subject and little time to get it down in writing. And then other times I have a little bit to say and don’t really care to fill up space for a single post. The solution: Ridd Quicks.

Conversion Diary is an interesting blog I visit now and then and I really like her idea of “Quick Takes.” Plus, other bloggers get to join her when she posts them, which is usually on Fridays. C.D. does 7 Quick Takes. But I’m not making any hard and fast rules about the number of Ridd Quicks (silly name, catchy, thoughts?) I’ll present each time.

So here we go. My first-ever list of Ridd Quicks!


* 1 *

I had a visit with an endocrinologist last week, per the request of my gynecologist regarding the whole early menopause deal.  After a few wacky tests like feeling my neck while I drink a glass of water and feeling my pulse in various places like the side of my bare feet, I was declared fit as a fiddle with one exception – I can’t have any more babies without using donor eggs. Just what I expected. Whew!

* 2 *

I have really been hittin’ the mark when it comes to trying new dishes with the family at dinnertime. Meals like savory lentil soup, a deliciously hearty spareribs crockpot dish, and a shrimp stir-fry dish I’ve been cooking since the early days of my marriage. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you!

* 3 *

The nearby town got their first-ever Trader Joe’s back in October. A joyful cheer went up throughout the land. And now that the Christmas season is upon us, that means peppermint is rockin’ at TJ’s. This Week for Dinner posted about TJ’s Peppermint Pretzel Slims and of course, I put them down on my grocery list for my next visit. I can happily tell you they did  not disappoint! I haven’t cracked open the box of Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s yet, but the restraint is killing me!

* 4 *

clip_image003So  my house is a mess. Well, it’s kind of beyond a mess at this point. Christmas is here (have I said that already?) and that means Christmas decorations. When D was young, I could get away with thinking about very little decorating, or not even decorating at all. But not anymore. D is well aware that if it’s Christmas, then that means Christmas lights. And a Christmas tree. And taking a drive to see the lights and the decorations. While I don’t have a teeny tiny house, I don’t have a huge house either. So when things like 6 ft. trees have to be up and decorated it kind of makes things look crowded. Aaaaand messy. Er. Messier. *sigh* But my kid loves to show off his Christmas tree when friends come over. So it’s worth it.

* 5 *

Small Notebook is a lovely little (big) blog to follow. A similarly-aged couple to Hubbs and myself with 2 young children (such as us), where the mom stays home (like me) and the dad works (like Hubbs). Only they live in an apartment. In Texas. And now Doug (her Hubbs) is TAKING A YEAR OFF. As in, not making a paycheck. And they’re not just both staying home with the kids for a year. They’re moving to FLORENCE. Not Florence, Oregon. Florence, ITALY. I’m really jealous excited to read about their adventures in the coming weeks and months!

L just woke up from his nap. Which means my time is gone. Have a great weekend!