IMG_0311What is it about ornaments that bring a smile to our face? I mean if you think about it, all they are is knick-knacks of one kind or another on a string or a hook. What’s so special about that?

Memories. Or at least, that’s why they bring a smile to my face every Christmas. Here’s a few of my memories that are pulled out once a year.


During my years in Vegas, I worked for the Oneida Factory Store. Of all the jobs I’ve held, that was oddly one of my favorites. Sure, there were things about working in an outlet mall that were the pits (can anyone say food court? Bleh!) But I really did enjoy polishing all the silver plated items and selling high-quality silverware. My boss, Deb, was from Michigan. Apparently, Christmas ornaments are a big deal there – not just your cheap, tacky, plastic or ceramic deals we find out west. So she bought me several lovely Christmas ornaments one year during her visit back home. And really, they are by far the prettiest ornaments I have on my tree. I haven’t seen or spoken to Deb in well over 10 years, but she will always be in my memory because of these ornaments.


I don’t remember why I have the privilege of owning this particular ornament, but it remains a treasure to me. This used to be my Great-Grandma Julie’s ornament. She’s from Michigan as well. She passed when I was still quite young, so while I don’t have any memories of her, I do get to hear stories about her now and then. She was a lovely woman who cared deeply about her family. When I hang this bell, I think of Grandma Julie and the treasure of a grandmother that she was to my mother.



I’m really not sure why this ornament is a favorite, since I have no real memory attached to it. But it’s a part of my childhood, it has my name and the date 1980 on it (I was 8 when I received it). And I have a sweet sense of family every time I put it on the tree. Maybe it’s just because it was my special ornament as a kid. Either way, I like how it ages well…kind of like what I hope for myself!

IMG_0323If you’re married and you don’t have a “First Christmas Together” ornament, please email me and I will send you one. I’m serious! There’s just something about seeing that ornament that brings back the bliss of that first Christmas as husband and wife. I realize that if you’ve been  married 15 years and I send you your FCT ornament today that it won’t necessarily be nostalgic for you. Today it won’t. But 5 years, 10 years from now – it will! And you’ll be brought back to a place in your heart that remembers that first Christmas and the many ways you have changed and grown in your marriage.


If you have children in your life, then hopefully there’s also a Baby’s or Child’s First Christmas ornament in your collection. Again, a special treasure to see those big eyes in that sweet little outfit. The photo was taken in D’s first home. Hubbs and I were so very tired but also so very full of joy that first Christmas with D.

I’d love to hear about one of your favorite ornament memories. Tell me in the comments!