Conversion Diary hosts 7 Quick Takes – she’s got a fun video at the end, for those unfamiliar with Jewish Reggae singers (like me!).


* 1 *

IMG_0643Know what these beauties are? My new glasses. Know what’s different about them? They cost $9 at the grocery store because they aren’t prescription glasses. Yes friends, if I didn’t think I was aging before this week, I most certainly do now. After my annual visit to the optometrist, it was suggested that I pick up a pair of these little lovelies. They are reading glasses, as in “bifocals”. My doctor tried to assure me that everyone at 40 needs reading glasses. Uh-huh. Here’s the thing – I’M NOT 40 YET!! And to top it all off, I had to go get my blood drawn so my endocrinologist could check my cholesterol level. Seriously. My next doctor visit will probably include a fitting for my walker!

* 2 *

IMG_0628My boy D loves the Christmas inflatables that seem to invade front yards around here the day after Thanksgiving. So it was my mission that once the after-Christmas sales started, I would be there with bells on. I wasn’t in a hurry that Sunday morning –relaxed with the family and didn’t even get out of my pajamas until 11am. Made it to Home Depot by Noon and – holy smokes – it was nearly picked clean of Christmas items already!! BUT, I prevailed. We are now the proud owners of a nativity inflatable. And 6 boxes of Christmas lights for decorating the outside of the house next year. And 3 boxes of lights for the Christmas tree.

* 3 *

Pretty much everyone I have talked to about their Christmas experience included puking or other flu-like symptoms. Ours happened to arrive Monday morning, 4am to be exact, when L sauntered in & started vomiting. My poor little guy kept at it for a few more hours. Of course the commotion also woke D up. So all 4 of us were awake and miserable from then on. I’m thankful that – so far – no one else in the house seems to have caught it and that L was back to his normal self by the following morning.

* 4 *

I’m a little nervous about tax time this year. Anyone else nervous?

* 5 *

For better or worse, the word “furlough” has become an all-too-common term in the American culture the past few years. And while I don’t actually hear the folks around me complaining about it, I do read about those who would criticize either the need for furlough’s or what it’s doing to their finances.

Every time I happen across an editorial or someone’s letter to the editor, griping about furlough’s, I just shake my head. Don’t get me wrong: I completely sympathize with those who live on a tight budget; those who live paycheck-to-paycheck; those who were not making enough to live within their means before a furlough was handed to them. I realize that “furlough” could easily mean “frustration” or “anxiety” or even “desperation” in certain circumstances.

However, Hubbs and I have chosen to take a different approach with furloughs. We have actually come to appreciate them, because to us, “furlough” = “family”.

Hubbs gets 3 weeks of furlough a year, 2 weeks taken at once, around the Christmas holiday. So while we had family visiting last week and all kinds of family activities to attend to, he was able to participate with the boys and I. And after family left and all the festivities had ended, we’ve had a terrifically relaxing week together. Even though the boys haven’t given us much rest in the overnight hours. Even though L has upped his “scream factor” a notch or two. At least we can stay in pajamas until…whenever, and we can enjoy a cup of coffee together every morning, and the other morning, Hubbs let me sleep in. I didn’t get out of bed until 10am. Bliss!

* 6 *

IMG_0646I’ve been trying to incorporate more whole grains into my diet, so I picked up some bulk items at the grocery store awhile back. Problem is, I can’t remember what in the heck they are! I’m sure one of them is Quinoa and the other is possibly couscous, but beyond that, I’m clueless. I went online to look at pictures of those grains and they really don’t match to what I have….guess I’ll just have to experiment with them at some point!

* 7 *

It’s New Year’s Eve! Pre-children, this would have been a night filled with good friends, “good” food like like chips and dip, or chips and salsa, or fondue of some sort. Even an eggnog party! But since we now have little ones in our midst, it’ll be a night of truly good food like Mama’s Beer Chili with Trader Joe’s Cornbread, a good bottle of wine that we picked up in Avila Beach last month, and most likely a good movie.

Happy New Years,
To You & Yours!