clip_image002I’m usually not one for “gimmicks.” Most of the time I even make fun of the product and/or commercial. So when the Bounce Bar commercial started showing up, I not only made fun of the product but I couldn’t stand how stupid they made the common housewife look. “By not putting in the dryer sheet, it’s one less thing I have to do.” Please. Pulling a dryer sheet from a box and throwing it in with the clothes is sooooo time consuming and that $1.27 I have to spend for dryer sheets every month is breakin’ the bank.

So there I am, looking for dryer sheets and for some odd reason, that Bounce Bar is calling my name! All the reasons for “why would you ever” went right outta my brain.

Will the thing stick for 4 entire months of drying? Who cares! What if my clothes still have static cling? I can live with it!

I take the bar out of the box, peel off the paper from the sticky backing, hold for 15 seconds along the dryer wall and voila – a dryer bar. First time for everything I guess…it’s a new year!!

I’ve had the bar for about a week now. When I pulled out the first load of clothes, I was quickly reminded of how much I really like the word “unscented.” But, I decided to keep at it. I mean, the thing is now STUCK to my dryer…

After the next few loads, I didn’t notice the smell. Not sure if I just got used to it, or if the scent just fades after a few uses. Another downside, but not unusual I guess, is that it stops being that pristine, bar-soap white pretty quick. Makes sense, as it IS collecting lint and such off the clothes. But I’m guessing it will not be pretty looking in the least after a few more weeks.

The clock is ticking. Come April 1st will my family still be static-free? Only time will tell!