So, I’m a little late for posting this week. And I am happy to report it is NOT because I’ve been sick. Wah-hoo I am FINALLY feelin’ good, footloose and fancy free! Well, at least footloose.

And yes, I have not blogged for an entire week now – remember, I’m feeling good, finally!! I’ve been blessed to be spending some great quality time with my family and today, the weather is absolutely gorgeous. What more can I say?


Penne with Spinach and Chicken Sausage & garlic bread (this was quite yummy, super easy and the little one gobbled it up! It was even good reheated the next day.)


Leftovers from the weekend


Crockpot roast with rice pilaf and corn


Pancakes & bacon


Chicken Yakisoba Noodles w/a miso green salad (I’m really hoping all of this turns out tasty!)


Soup and Sandwiches


Hubbs and I are going to our first-ever Crab Feed to support a local high school. Not sure what the kids will be having but I most certainly know what WE will be feasting on!

Happy Cooking!