I love the idea of saving when I shop.
I love the idea of only shopping for what I need rather than what I want.
I love the idea of hunting for a specific item rather than settling for the cheap and easy find.

Problem is, I stink at all 3 of those disciplines (or are they talents, gifts?)

I have friends who excel at them. I have a friend who can find a bargain in 30 seconds or less when walking through the same store at the same time I am.

I have a friend who rarely shops. You can tell. Her home is practically clutter-free and everything has its place. She doesn’t have children yet, but still, I’m impressed.

And yes, I have a friend who knows what she wants, hunts for it online or hits the pavement and even if it takes her months she won’t settle until she’s found exactly what she’s looking for.

I call these people “thrifty.” Some might call them picky.

Whatever you want to call them, it has become a desired discipline for me lately. I’ve always been a list-maker, especially when approaching the gates, er, I mean doors of the local Target store. I practically want to scream a war cry of VICTORY!!!! on the few occasions I have made it to my car with only the items on my list.

So it is with great pleasure that I reveal 2 of my latest thrifty finds.


My parents live in Oregon. Have you ever been to a thrift store in Oregon? If not, let me be the first to tell you that they are AWESOME. At least, awesome in comparison to the local California Goodwill store. Pretty much anytime we head up for a visit, I am planning a shopping spree strictly at the thrift stores. This little gem of an outfit is one of my favorite finds this past year. The shirt is an unknown brand (to me) but that there is an Ann Taylor skirt. Oh Ann, how I have missed you. Ann and I were good friends back in my days as a secretary…

My next find happened just a few days ago and honestly, I still can’t believe it happened to ME. In my home is a dining nook. It’s not exactly “spacious” and therefore, has been a bit cumbersome with L’s massively huge high chair residing there. Thankfully he has gotten to an age that he can sit quite comfortably in a booster seat. But of course, it’s not that easy of a switch when you only have 3 chairs and 4 people to sit around the table. Yes, the dining set did, at one time, have a 4th dining chair. It became one of the few “casualties” when we made the big move back to California. Wasn’t really a big issue for me to solve…until now.

I wasn’t ready to plunk down a chunk of change for a new dining set. College furniture. A pink house. Yeah, there are a few other items on the home improvements list that are much more priority than upgrading the dining room table.

So that left me with a much cheaper option: find one chair for the dining room.

I started by searching the local thrift stores. Nothing. I even went in once a week for a few weeks. Nothing. Then I went on Craigslist a few times. Nada. Freecycle? Please.

I had some time (thanks Hubbs!) and wandered over to Main Street on a mission. I was going to find a chair – TODAY. First stop: Main Street Antiques. Lovely lovely little place. Had no idea the treasures they had. Definitely will be stopping in there again. Amongst the treasures were several chairs. Most of them $100 or more. One was a possibility, but I thought I’d look in a few more places before making my final decision. I then stepped into 2 new furniture stores. Um, yeah, no bargains whatsoever to be seen there.

Schlepped back over to the antique store. Sat on the chair. Gave it a good once-over. Sold.

When I carried it up to the register, the gals were astonished at the price. “Oh great,” I thought, “it’s mismarked. It’s missing a ‘1’ or something in front of the price.” Thankfully, they were in agreement with me.

The price marked was the price paid.IMG_0707


An old chair: $20.00.

Booster seat from a big box store: $23.99.





It was a good, thrifty day and I LOVE my little old chair!

And yes, that’s my big fat cat Sebastian in the first pic. Of course he got scared away by the time the second pic was taken!