I voiced my hope, which then quickly became a promise, that I would be done with you by the end of the year. I truly believed it would take more time to ease myself away from the enticement of the “knowing.”

I know. I am just as surprised as you are. Friend?

I don’t think so. No, I know so.

No true friend of mine carelessly puts me in harms way. No true friend of mine would sacrifice me for a few bucks. No true friend of mine uses my face in an ad without paying me for it…or…something like that…

I had seen the “hack” happen towards others in our community and thought to myself well, it must not be all that bad if they’re continuing the relationship after such disregard for their loyalty.

Monique said it best. Such eloquence, such truth in her words. You go, girl!

I wasn’t expecting it; such a blindsided move on your part. My reaction was a familiar feeling. The sense of cruelty, distrust, laughing at me as you dangled the carrot in front of me as I continued to chase for it, peaking my curiosity with the changes and the updates and the reminders of how much time I had invested.

Yes, I’m talking about Facebook.

Oh, and LOST too (for the last time, mind you).

And American Idol, while I’m at it!

Call me paranoid. Call me finicky. Call me whatever you darn well wish.

Just don’t call me Shirley. That’s reserved for Mr. Nielsen.