Snow present in 49 of the 50 U.S. states

First, my apologies to those who are experiencing traditional February weather, wherever that may be. If you live anywhere east of the Colorado Rockies, then I can only assume it’s not just a typical February day for you.

It’s much, much worse.As I drove about town collecting foods of all kinds for my loved ones (and then some!) I couldn’t help but notice how


The temperature gauge in the car said it was 75 degrees outside. First week of February and people are in shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops like the beach is right around the corner.


Never heard of ya’!

This link gives you a glimpse of how the weather has been for a majority of states in our country since the beginning of the year.

And it seems every time I click over to a news forecast, they’re announcing how terrible the next storm is going to be for, well, everyone else but those of us in California, Arizona and Nevada. (And probably Florida too, but they still have to deal with roaming crocodiles and bugs the size of my head; no thanks.)

California may be a complete dustbowl, both physically and financially, in just a few years to come, but I’d still rather be dusting off my ceiling fan blades instead of shoveling snow or creating a stockpile of canned goods in preparation for “the big one”.Hard work: A resident clears the end of his driveway with a snowblower along Route 1A in Walpole, Massachusetts

I know. Those parts of the country are just GORGEOUS.


Happy Saturday.

I’ve got some iced tea to go make!